Is Co-working the Future of Offices?

Co-working is something that is becoming increasingly popular. It has been a common choice of the self-employed for a long time, but now more and more people are opting to try it – even companies – because of the flexibility that it offers and the way that it can help to save on desk and office space.

Co-working spaces offer people that are not based in offices the chance to enjoy the social aspect of being a part of an office environment, albeit temporarily. They can save people time and give them the opportunity to work in an office, and enjoy the amenities – fax machines, fast internet, clear spaces, people to bounce ideas off, telephony and a receptionist,

Many people who use co-working spaces also take advantage of the idea of having an office address and a receptionist. They use the office meeting spaces, helping them to look more professional and seem like they are an ‘established company’ – even if they are paying relatively small amounts of rent compared to for a full office.

Co-working is sometimes used in a modified form known as ‘hot desking,’ allowing people to share a desk space in their regular office with other employees who also work on a reduced schedule.

An increasing number of people are working from home, and this means that they feeling isolated, and out of the loop – because their colleagues are in the office and they have a strong social bond. By being able to come in from time to time – even if they have a shared desk – they get the chance to enjoy that social vibe for a while.

Co-workers can enjoy the stimulus that comes from sharing a space, and they can meet other small business owners and people who are in similar – or even widely disparate – industries. This can help people to stay motivated and can be beneficial for people who find that working alone makes it hard to stay focused. If you are looking for coworking space New York then you should definitely check out the Farm.

Renting a full office is incredibly expensive, but it is a lot cheaper to rent a co-working space on a short-term basis. For a fraction of the fee, you can enjoy most of the benefits of an office, and as you get a higher budget, you can expand the number of hours that you put in until you are ready for a full office space.